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Scottish Colourist Leslie Hunter exhibition

from 23/10/2012 to 09/02/2013

Event: Scottish Colourist Leslie Hunter exhibition

Location: Fleming Collection, W1

London’s foremost Scottish gallery, the Fleming Collection, has a major exhibition of the work of the Scottish Colourist artist Leslie Hunter. Leslie Hunter: A Life in Colour is a retrospective exhibition with over 70 pictures, many of which come from private collections.

Hunter was one of four artists working in the early 20th century who later became known as the Scottish Colourists. Although they never worked together as a group the Colourists shared a love of bold colour in their paintings.

Hunter largely grew up in California, and moved between Scotland, San Francisco, France and Italy as an adult and was influenced by the Old Masters, French Impressionism and post-Impressionism.

This exhibition, which was recently on show in Edinburgh, includes paintings such as the still life Peonies in a Chinese vase, 1925.

In November the Portland Gallery, SW1, which specialises in the Colourists, has an exhibition on fellow artist S J Peploe (7-29 Nov).

You can see a good selection of their paintings on the BBC arts website, click on George Leslie Hunter and Samuel John Peploe for details.