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The Rest is Noise Festival of 20th century music

from 19/01/2013 to 30/12/2013

Event: The Rest is Noise Festival of 20th century music

Location: Southbank Centre, SE1

The Rest is Noise is a year long festival of 20th century classical music at the Southbank Centre, aiming to tell the story of the last century’s music from Strauss to John Adams, inspired by Alex Ross’s book The Rest is Noise: Listening to the Twentieth Century.

The series charts the history of the century alongside its music, showing how revolutions, wars, social change and technology all had an affect on classical music.

The programme is divided into themed segments such as ‘The Rise of Nationalism’, ‘Berlin in the ’20s & ’30s’ (including a concert by Liza Minelli) and ‘The Art of Fear’ focusing on the totalitarian regimes in the Soviet Union and Germany creating an atmosphere of fear for many artists, with music such as Shostakovich’s Fourth Symphony, which the composer was working on when he was denounced by Stalin.

There are to be nearly 100 concerts, performances, films, talks and debates, with 18 UK orchestras taking part, including London Philharmonic Orchestra, the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra, Manchester’s Hallé Orchestra and the Royal Liverpool. There will also be four keynote speeches over the course of the year by Alex Ross.