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British Museum’s Ice Age Art exhibition

from 07/02/2013 to 26/05/2013

Event: British Museum’s Ice Age Art exhibition

Location: British Museum, WC1

Some of the world’s oldest known artworks are the subject of the Ice Age Art: Arrival of the Modern Mind exhibition at the British Museum.

The objects are between 40,000 and 10,000 years old, created during the last Ice Age and are presented alongside modern artworks by Henry Moore, Mondrian and Matisse to show the similarities between them.

The artefacts from the museum’s collection and from museums across Europe include the world’s oldest portrait, sculpture, musical instrument and ceramics.

Many of the works on display are made from mammoth tusk, such as the 40,000 year old Lion Man of Hohlenstein Stadel, a sculpture of human body and a lion’s head from the Ulm Museum in Germany; and the 13,000 year old Montastruc Swimming Reindeer, found in France, showing two reindeer with their chins up and antlers laid against their backs suggesting that they were swimming.

The Ice Age Art exhibition is on from 7 Feb – 26 May 2013.