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    • Nurturing New Life for Pregnancy

      Perfect pregnancy spa treatments and experiences for mothers-to-be. Renewing, indulgent, relaxing, the ultimate in pampering.

      Mothers-to-be experience the amazing miracle of carrying a new life, but pregnancy can be hard on a woman’s body. Seeing a therapist throughout your pregnancy and in the months after is a beautiful gift you can give yourself and the little life inside you.

      Aman Spa offers both pre- and post- pregnancy support. Our spa treatments are designed for mothers that are 12 weeks pregnant or more. Aman’s ‘Nurturing New Life’ pregnancy spa treatments assist in keeping rapidly stretching skin supple, maintaining skin tone and elasticity, whilst being deeply restorative and relaxing. Our natural plant-derived spa products contain a high percentage of organic ingredients to nourish and protect the skin during this special time.




      This relaxing treatment is tailored specifically to your body’s needs during pregnancy. Starting with a soothing foot soak, this treatment includes a gentle body exfoliation and a relaxing massage, followed by a refreshing facial boost.
      1 hour 30 min


      Melt away fatigue with this supporting massage, designed for specific areas such as aching backs and heavy legs.
      45 min

      Preparation for your new arrival

      In addition to your mother-to-be treatment, we offer tailored beauty treatments anticipating delivery. These include facials, manicures and pedicures (especially when it gets hard to reach!) and intimate hair removal.



      Pre- and post-natal reflexology

      Addresses the more commonly associated pregnancy discomforts such as: sore feet, swelling, back ache and heart burn. Used to encourage overall mental and physical well-being for both mother and baby. Utilises the endocrine reflex points to maintain balance and re-energise. Also provides a healthy boost to the foetal environment during pregnancy. Customised for each trimester. Reflexology is extremely beneficial in helping you to recover and re-balance all body systems following the birth of your baby. It can also help re-balance moods and emotions as you adapt to life with your new baby.
      Initial consultation is 90 minutes with 45 min follow-up consultations.



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