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    • Treatments for the Traveller

      Whether travelling to London for business or pleasure, a journey takes its toll. We have designed treatments to alleviate travel fatigue and prepare you for your return journey. 

      Aman 'to-go' massage

      We will get you ready for your travels, loosening up your joints, shoulders, neck and back, boosting circulation and increasing relaxation to help prevent jet lag. At your request, this treatment can also be performed clothed, designed for you to simply stop by and see us before you leave.
      30 min  

      Jet lag reviver

      Refresh and invigorate the body through the stimulation of the nervous system along the spine. A refreshing back cleanse, invigorating scrub, hydrating mask and soothing massage are the perfect combination to reduce fatigue pre- and post-flight.
      45 min   

      Jet lag recovery

      The ultimate in jet lag recovery. Reduce fatigue and stimulate circulation as you allow your body’s internal clock to adjust to its new time zone. This treatment package includes invigorating body brushing, a detoxifying body mask, an uplifting personalised facial and a soothing aromatic full-body massage to enhance recovery.
      2 hours 30 min    

      Facial boost

      A refreshing boost for the skin, ideal for pre and post travel to deeply hydrate and revitalise. This treatment ends with an uplifting technique using the ancient wisdom of marma point therapy from India.
      30 min    

      Recovery reflexology

      Effectively speed up recovery by assisting the body and mind to deeply relax. Leaves you feeling refreshed and revitalised, and encourages a proper night’s sleep. Also assists in boosting blood and lymphatic circulation to ease heaviness and reduce fluid retention in the legs and feet.
      2 hours

      Winter sole therapy

      The Aman Spa Winter Sole treatment combines the therapeutic effects of reflexology, a pedicure and a one-on-one mindfulness meditation with an Aman therapist.

      The treatment begins with a luxurious foot bath with essential oils and Himalayan Crystal Salts & cleansing tea treat wash which includes all of the 84 minerals elements found in the body to detoxify and re-mineralise, revealing the skin’s natural glow. A nourishing moisturizer is then applied. The treatment continues with Reflexology, aiming to treat the entire body, incorporating mind and spirit.

      2 hours 

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