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    • from 24/11/2011 to 25/05/2014
      Event: Roald Dahl's Matilda

      Location: Cambridge Theatre, WC2

      The Royal Shakespeare Company’s musical adaptation of Roald Dahl’s book Matilda has won a string of awards – including seven Oliviers – and has hit all the right notes with the critics too.

      Matilda is an unloved, but very gifted child with an extraordinary imagination, truly awful parents only interested in watching telly and a ghastly bullying headmistress who swings the girls by their pigtails. When she discovers she has special powers she decides it’s time she gets her own back.

    • from 22/10/2013 to 01/05/2014
      Event: Meeting Architecture Lectures

      Location: Royal College of Art, SW7 & SW11

      The RCA’s Meeting Architecture lectures are a series of talks between architects and artists about projects they have worked on together, organised by the British School at Rome.

      Multi-disciplinary collaborations with architects were unusual prior to the groundbreaking 1956 exhibition This is Tomorrow at Whitechapel Gallery, but have since become an accepted process in architectural projects.

    • from 13/11/2013 to 06/05/2014
      Event: Collider

      Location: Science Museum, SW7

      Step inside the world’s greatest experiment at the Science Museum, which is installing a model of the Large Hadron Collider at their South Kensington base.

      Collider is an exhibition that shows the technology behind the particle physics experiment at Cern, in Switzerland, recreating the conditions of the Big Bang 13.7 billion years ago.

    • from 31/01/2014 to 27/04/2014
      Event: Discoveries: Art, Science and Exploration from the University of Cambridge

      Location: Two Temple Place, WC2

      Discoveries: Art, Science and Exploration from the University of Cambridge Museums is an exhibition of treasures from eight museums displayed together for the first time in William Waldorf Astor’s rather extraordinary Victorian gothic building off the Strand.

      The exhibits come from Cambridge’s great collections, including from the Fitzwilliam, Museums of Zoology, Classical Anthropology, the Polar Museum and the gallery Kettle’s Yard.

    • from 13/02/2014 to 26/05/2014
      Event: Richard Hamilton Exhibits

      Location: Tate Modern, SE1

      The Tate Modern is holding the first full retrospective of the pop art artist Richard Hamilton.

      Hamilton is known as the founding artists of the pop art movement. This exhibition examines his work from his first works in the 1950s to his final paintings, done just before his death in 2011.

      The exhibition includes works from his Fun House (1956) installation, images from the series Just what is it that makes today’s homes so different? (such as this one from 1992) and Mick Jagger in the series Swingeing London 67 (1968-9).

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