Aman Signature Treatments - Grounding

For those seeking reconnection, stillness and perspective

Developed to promote inner peace and return body and mind to a state of harmony, this formation works as a balm for restlessness brought on by the frenetic pace of modern life. It imbues a sense of reassurance and reconnection, while hydrating, healing, refining and strengthening on a physical level.

Key ingredients in our Grounding treatments are amber oil, sandalwood, rose quartz crystals, jasmine, rare black Peruvian and purple muds, wild harvested butters and silver.

Recommended for treating stress, exhaustion, anxiety, jet lag, dry skin and hair, insomnia, tension in the lower spine and adrenal fatigue, as well as feelings of insecurity, rootlessness and the inability to switch off.

Grounding Massage Ritual - 90 min
A Ku Nye full-body massage honors ancient Tibetan healing traditions to stimulate muscles, while a subtler massage energizes the meridian system. This treatment incorporates cupping along meridian lines, acupressure, kneading, and deep-tissue techniques. The body massage is followed by a Tibetan head massage that induces an even deeper level of stillness.

Grounding Body Polish & Wrap - 90 min
A key ingredient in this ritual is amethyst powder, known for its gently sedative energy that promotes peacefulness and emotional stability. The full-body polish gently exfoliates the skin, brightening tone and improving texture, while the cocooning wrap initiates a period of stillness, leaving skin radiant. The final touch is the application of silky smooth Smoked Body Butter.

Grounding Face Ritual - 90 min
This facial incorporates rose quartz crystals to promote healing, frankincense to aid rejuvenation, and hyaluronic acid to boost hydration. Lymphatic and muscular massage techniques stimulate circulation and raise vibrational energy, while acupressure using heated Himalayan salt poultices leaves skin radiant. The treatment ends with a Peruvian black mud and amethyst crystal mask and Tibetan head massage.

Grounding Journey - 3 hrs
Incorporating all three Grounding treatments, this journey encourages a deep connection to the earth and a renewed sense of self. It begins with the Body Polish & Wrap, followed by the Massage, and completed with the Face Ritual. Each builds
on the treatment that came before and grounds in every sense of the word, ensuring a state of perfect contentment.

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