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For those seeking regeneration, recuperation and healing

Holding the spiritual energy of love, this powerful formation encourages reconnection with the self through the healing of emotional and mental wounds. It leads one towards self-acceptance, enabling individuals to be their most real and best selves, while simultaneously restoring and rejuvenating the body on a physical level.

Key ingredients include Jasmine stem cells, sandalwood, vitamin B12, fresh royal jelly, jade crystals, silk and gold. They have all been chosen for their powerful regenerative abilities, fostering a meditative state and feelings of joy.

Recommended for treating lacklustre skin, the signs of ageing, anxiety, chronic fatigue and emotional stress, as well as feelings of disconnection, grief and discontent.

NOURISHING MASSAGE - 1 hour 30 min

This blissful, nurturing treatment is ideal for physically or emotionally exhausted souls. The use of marma point therapy brings the body back to a state of heightened awareness and balance, while rhythmic massage techniques ease muscular tension, imbuing a sense of complete restoration. The use of sound healing activates the kundalini – dormant energy stored at the base of the spine.


Encouraging the body to enter a phase of deep rest, this nutrient-rich ritual includes Jade powder – known to hydrate, tone and rejuvenate – in both the polish and wrap. The polish also contains healing calendula oil, restorative amethyst powder, essential oils and Himalayan salts that soften the skin. The mud wrap combines the nourishing effects of jade powder with mineral-rich Italian clay, rose hydrolat and argan oil. The treatment ends with the full-body application of Sacred Heart Balm.


This brightening, moisturizing treatment calms and rejuvenates through the use of honey, rosehip, wheat germ, cactus oil, jasmine stem cells and silk. Combined, they work to soothe and brighten dull or irritated skin. This facial also invites relaxation by stimulating the flow of prana – described as the universal life force that enters the body via easy breathing. Skin is left looking truly radiant through the application of the Light Technique, focusing on the forehead, septum and throat.


This Journey serves to combine the many forms of nourishment into an immersive experience that touches every aspect of the individual – beginning with the Body Polish & Wrap, followed by the Massage, and completed with the Face Ritual. Each treatment builds on the one before, leaving the guest feeling reconnected and rejuvenated.

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