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For those seeking lightness, breathing space and a fresh start

A powerful detoxifier and metaphysical cleanser, this formation holds the spiritual energy of vitality, stabilizing the heart and mind, easing restlessness and energizing the body. Negative thought patterns are purged, while physical benefits include cleansing and brightening, giving skin a new lease on life.

Key ingredients include sage, sandalwood, juniper berry, rose geranium, raw honey, pearl, quartz, and argon stem cells – chosen for their anti-ageing and purifying characteristics.

Recommended for treating bloating, low energy levels, dull skin, thyroid problems, post-illness exhaustion, headaches and migraines, as well as feelings of stagnation, heaviness and confusion.

PURIFYING MASSAGE - 1 hour 30 min

This deeply relaxing yet revitalizing treatment incorporates manual lymphatic drainage techniques and nerve point therapy on the back to balance the nervous system and promote the flow of waste products away from the tissues. The pressure applied is significantly lower than in conventional massages – but powerful in its effects. The use of arnica, Palo Santo and seaweed oils stimulates circulation and encourages the release of negative energy and toxins.


Reviving spirits, toning the skin and inducing a state of peace, this ritual incorporates quartz – known as a master healer for its amplification of energy levels. Seaweed fucus oil, raw honey and essential oils are also applied, stimulating circulation and lymphatic drainage. The meditative marine flora mud wrap includes deep-cleansing kaolin, mineral-rich sole, and sea lavender and seaweed for boosting collagen levels. The treatment ends with the full-body application of Palo Santo Salve.


This tension-releasing treatment is extremely beneficial for those exposed to urban pollution, combining nerve point therapy and lymphatic drainage to provide a detoxifying release. Lymphatic massage stimulates the glands on the chest, neck and face, resulting in glowing, toned skin, while key ingredients include brightening pearl, regenerative homeopathic copper, and powerful marine extracts that strengthen collagen production.


This Journey targets purification on every level, from clearing the skin and detoxifying the body’s organs, to removing negative energy and focusing the mind. All three Purifying treatments are applied, beginning with the Body Polish & Wrap, followed by the Massage, and ending with the Face Ritual – leaving guests clear-headed and at peace.

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