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Everyone’s bodies are aligned in different ways. And we all have different paths to follow to reach our physical potential. With postural analysis, guided stretching and personal training, discover your map to optimum wellbeing. 


Postural Assessment is suitable for everyone, from the desk-bound executive to the champion triathlete. The assessment recognises that each person's body is unique and each person's choice of physical regime will be different. The aim of the assessment is to ensure that informed and intelligent options are passed to you about how you can take care of your body, and how you can choose an appropriate exercise programme that will most benefit your body and improve your lifestyle.

The programme begins with a Signature Postural Assessment which evaluates body movement with emphasis on the shoulders, spine, pelvis and hips, discusses personal physical history and current fitness goals, and objectively analyses postural alignment. The Assessment culminates in a report that outlines a wellness programme specifically designed for each client's needs.



Fluid Body™ is a unique stretching class that integrates the best from Chinese healing exercises, pilates, yoga and bodywork. These stretches are gentle, yet powerful. While alleviating your muscular tension they provide an immediate effect of relaxation, a clear mind and a deep sense of harmony within. Additional benefits also include a better blood circulation, longer and leaner muscles, and a toned body.

This class re-energises your body and mind, improves your flexibility while reducing stress, anxiety and chronic pain. Your stress is stretched away and you feel great. These sessions are beneficial for anyone, regardless of fitness level or degree of flexibility.

All sessions are 1 hour and RESTORATIVE 1 hour 15 min. 

All initial sessions include a complimentary consultation (*additional 15 min) in order to create a tailor-made programme, achieving individual goals.


Power stretch session is beneficial for individuals who practice sports regularly and need to deep stretch and boost their practice, or for those who simply want to be more supple. One-to-one sessions for personal training and power stretch can be arranged by appointment.

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