Old meets new

A corridor forms the transition point linking the original hotel with the new part, which has 33 rooms, the Aman Spa and the ballroom (Mayfair Room). Along the corridor are five black-and-white portrait photographs by Horst P Horst. They are important individual images – works of art in their own right, including one of Noel Coward and one depicting a Dali composition – and we placed them here to help create an atmosphere of understated luxury.

At one end of the corridor is a large graphite-and-pencil drawing by Sax Impey: one of 34 pieces we commissioned from him. Impey is a wonderful, young marine artist living in St Ives, Cornwall, where there is an artistic community and a tradition of oil painting. Impey’s paintings and drawings have a spiritual nature and a universal appeal.  He is one of various Cornish artists you’ll find represented in the hotel, including Barbara Hepworth.

Through the window ahead of you is The Garden of Illusion – also known as the Moon Garden because of a moon projection that appears at nighttime – a mise en scène in mixed media designed by Tom Stuart Smith. Originally five Japanese trees were planted here but none survived, so we had one cast in bronze instead, by Factum Arte in Madrid.

The Art of The Connaught The Art of The Connaught