The Connaught Christmas tree by Sir Michael Craig-Martin CBE

The fine art of Christmas

Bathed in light from tip to toe, The Connaught’s Christmas tree 2018 bore the stamp of one of today’s most innovative, distinctive and influential conceptual artists: Sir Michael Craig-Martin CBE.

Known for his vivid use of colour and playfulness with light, it was fitting that Craig-Martin took inspiration from the fairy lights that decorate Christmas trees up and down the country. 12,000 digital rainbow-hued lights circled The Connaught tree, running in an intricately placed single strand from the very top to its base, so every inch glows. As you stood and watched, the colours continually changed, shifting seamlessly in a carefully choreographed pattern.

The Norwegian Spruce was sourced from Hertfordshire and selected for its perfect shape. Standing tall at 9 metres, the 45-year-old spruce made a beautifully bold, eye-catching statement.

It struck me that however beautiful, most Christmas trees are static, unchanging. I wanted to make a tree that was dynamic. I decided to engulf the tree in lights and find a way to introduce a full palette of ever changing colours.

Sir Michael Craig-Martin CBE

Christmas at The Connaught Christmas at The Connaught