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From Kally Ellis founder of McQueens

Planning a wedding can be seem like a daunting task; with so many details to coordinate on the big day, the list seems endless – so many decisions to be made, and so much choice! Flowers are an important consideration for every wedding. They will set the scene, add some wonderful fragrance, welcome your guests and can even provide a glorious link for a theme to your wedding day.

Most people adore flowers but confess that they have no idea where to start when it comes to choosing them for a wedding. So, with that in mind we have compiled our top tips for gorgeous wedding flowers.

Getting To Know You

We have been designing and installing flowers for over 28 years, and the first point of contact for a wedding will always be a face-to-face meeting. A consultation is the perfect opportunity to get to know your florist, and for your florist to find out about you.

Naturally we have an extensive knowledge of flowers, but we also know a thing or two about the logistics and mechanics of orchestrating flowers for weddings. From intimate gatherings to much grander affairs, a great florist can distil your ideas into reality, make the perfect flower variety suggestions, and bring your theme to life!

Season To Season

There's an endless merry-go-round of flowers slipping in and out of season throughout the year. Each season has its own iconic flower varieties to choose from, so there are plenty of options all year, even during the winter.

There are plenty of good reasons to choose seasonal fresh wedding flowers: they are stronger, more dependable, and have a vibrancy that is hard to beat. Working with British grown flowers is always something we recommend; it means that we can trace our trusted sources, quality is assured, and their carbon footprint is much smaller. Although not all British flowers are available throughout the year, there are some remarkable British grown flowers out there that are perfect for weddings decorations.

That All-Important Dress

It is often said that all other details can slip into place, when the all-important dress decision has been made! It can be difficult to visualise a wedding bouquet without knowing what kind of dress the bride will be wearing. As for bridal bouquets, you should take into consideration the height, shape, hairstyle and the characteristics and detailing of the dress.

The dress silhouette, fabric and colour are important considerations and will all influence your choice of personal flowers. There are many different styles of bouquets to choose. From the perfection of a head-to-head dome, the informality of a garden style, or the flow of a cascading bouquet; once we know what you’re wearing, everything else will start to fall naturally into place.

The Power of Fragrance

Flowers and fragrance go hand in hand, and we always recommend incorporating an element of scent to a wedding theme. This provides an additional dimension which your guests will notice, but will also act as an important memory trigger for you. In years to come, the fragrance of your flowers will transport you right back to your special day, long after the event!

A Timeless Choice

Have fun and indulge your creative side when it comes to creating the theme for your flower arrangements, but beware of slavishly following fashion or opting for outlandish themes. Those photos will last a lifetime and you will want to look back with fondness and not wince with embarrassment. A timeless and classic route is always a safer option, and the wisest choice.

A Wonderful Welcome

It’s often said that first impressions last, and we are not going to argue with that! A strategic approach to the placement of flowers throughout the venue can pay dividends on the day. Creating an impression with visual impact is the key to a gorgeous and successful wedding theme.

A brilliant florist will focus their efforts – and the budget – to cover vital areas at the venue, and place key designs where they really matter. A wonderful welcome is a must, and any areas that likely to be photographed should always be styled appropriately.

A Choice of Flower Vase

Flowers are only half the job. The choice of vase, container or plinth can elevate your theme and make it much more impactful. Intimate gatherings are often suited to low table centres, whist more formal affairs suggest taller vases on larger tables. A great florist can make suggestions on the choice of vases, containers or props for a sensational wedding theme.

A Bit of Sparkle

Candlelight is the final consideration for a memorable wedding, and is a must during the winter months. A twinkle from tea lights, storm lanterns or strategically placed candlesticks will add to the atmosphere, create intimacy on the day, and bring a gorgeous party glow to your guests’ happy faces.

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