Lobster from a Cornish Legend

It is a pleasure to bring Phil Trebilcock’s lobsters to our tables. Teamed with complimentary ingredients that showcase their soft texture and delicate flavour, we’d argue there’s no better way of celebrating some of the finest fruits of Britain’s seas.

Crustacean craftsman

A native of Newquay, Phil has been fishing the rich coastal waters along the north Cornish coast for five decades. Week in, week out, Phil sets sail on his boat, Loyal Partner – venturing out into deep waters between St. Agnes and Padstow to ensure he lands the finest catch. Fishing for lobster and crabs using traditional wicker pots, he still whittles the wooden bait pegs himself.

Over the years, Phil has had more than a few moments in the spotlight. His longevity in the trade and distinctive handlebar moustache make him a memorable spokesperson for the local lobster catchers. 

Sustainability matters

Ever since he caught his first mackerel and crabs to sell on the harbourside in the 1960s, Phil’s fishing methods have demonstrated his reverence for the sea and his catch. Hauling in only the correct sized crustaceans and returning the others to the waves to reach maturity ensures the industry will continue to flourish into the future.

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