School of Rock - The Musical

Grab a hold of your axe and try to pluck out this riff.
Let your shoulders relax, you don’t wanna be so stiff.
Keep on going, don’t stop, take it over the top.
Make each note really pop, squeeze out every last drop.
Give it one final whop! and yes, you’re in the band.

You’re in the Band, School of Rock

Now we’re rockin’!

Air guitars at the ready! School of Rock has smashed its way from Broadway to the West End where it is packing in audiences, out for a high-octane night at the theatre.

Based on the hit Jack Black film with a rocking new score by Andrew Lloyd Webber and script by Julian Fellowes, the musical has been a hit with both audiences and critics.

It is the story about a wannabe rock star/slacker named Dewey Finn, a failed musician who poses as a supply teacher at a snooty prep school, where he turns a class of uptight straight-A students into a rabble-rousing rock band.

While film-to-stage transfers don't always measure up to the big screen original, Lord Lloyd Webber's exuberant songs and Lord Fellowes's rather un-'Downton Abbey' language make this one a success.

It has memorable songs — 'Stick It to the Man' in particular — and a decent storyline that is great fun. The cast is tight too; Gary Trainor plays Dewey Finn and the child actors are as good as the 'Matilda' kids (which is playing a couple of blocks up the road).

This is Andrew Lloyd Webber's first big hit in a while. Known for his many long-running musicals, from Evita to Phantom of the Opera, Lloyd Webber is the most successful composer in Britain today and Julian Fellowes is the creator of Gosford Park and Downton Abbey. Joining forces for a 'tween rebellion/stick it to the man' ride is not quite what we might expect from two peers of the realm, but it rocks.


02 March 2017 - 20 October 2019

Recommended for age 8+


New London Theatre
166 Drury Lane
Covent Garden