Royal Ascot

Horseracing’s crowning glory

For many, Royal Ascot represents the epitome of sporting, social (and sartorial) occasions. Dating back almost 200 years, this revered Royal Meeting continues to draw together the world’s finest horses, jockeys and trainers over five exhilarating days. In 2022, a limited number of Enclosure passes is set to make Royal Ascot one of the most coveted and exclusive tickets in town. 

As always, the event opens at precisely two o’clock with the Royal Procession. Other much-loved moments include the traditional singing around the bandstand, as racegoers join together to create a rousing communal choir. Meanwhile the Gold Cup remains Royal Ascot’s definitive, and oldest, prize.

Haute couture meets haute cuisine

Away from the racetrack, Royal Ascot is just as renowned for Michelin-starred fine dining – and fashion. From the classic velvet Greencoats worn by Ascot’s yeomanry to the magnificent millinery sported on Ladies’ Day, glamour and grandeur are always in style.   

“...a heady mix of pomp, tradition, fashion, class distinction and, of course, sport.”

Steven Stolman, Town & Country

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Wednesday 14th - Saturday 18th June 2022


Royal Ascot
High Street