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    • Massage and Body Treatments

      This holistic and tranquil haven in the centre of Mayfair offers a complete range of wellness treatments to soothe the mind and body.

      Tailored holistic massage
      Aman Spa therapists employ diverse techniques from around the world and are skilled at combining their technical abilities with heightened sensitivity, awareness, intuition and open hearts and minds. We encourage you to communicate your preferences and goals.

      Sessions available 30 min / 1 hour / 1 hour 30 min /  2 hours
      *Each one-and-a-half or two-hour therapy begins with a foot bath and a holistic consultation.

      Body scrub - 45mins
      A symbolic way to cleanse yourself of the old. Harnessing the benefits of harmonising or energising essential oils blended with Himalayan crystal salts, Aman Spa’s body scrubs contain all of the 84 mineral elements found in the body to detoxify and re-mineralise. Gently stimulates the body, awakens energy lines and reveals skin’s natural glow. An excellent preparation for any massage!
      Body envelopment - 45 mins 
      Cocooned in the earth’s nurturing richness, your body absorbs the healing properties of unrefined Argiletz clays. Our blend of natural ingredients (including sage, green tea, sandalwood and lemongrass) combined with red and white earth clays replenish and promote regeneration of the skin, leaving it healthier with improved tone and texture. Finishes with a deeply relaxing head massage and the application of luscious body lotion to seal in the nutrients.

      Full body experience - 2 hrs
      Unwind from the tensions of travel and daily life and soothe your soul from head-to-toe with a scrub, wrap and massage. Your therapist will formulate the ideal combination of plant essences and textures that uniquely suit you and your body’s needs.

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