Holistic and Advanced Facials

Your Aman luxury facial treatment begins with a foot bath and consultation to determine your skin’s needs. This will allow your therapist carefully to select the products and techniques that will benefit you most.

The Ultimate Hydrafacial Experience

1 hour 15 minutes
Begin the detoxification process with Lymphatic Drainage. Then, the Signature HydraFacial deeply cleanses, exfoliates, extracts and hydrates the skin while addressing your specific skin concern with a Booster of your choice. This treatment concludes with LED Light Therapy to further reduce the visible signs of aging. Our 90 minute version includes the use of Dermalux and treatment of the neck area.

15 min Enhancements:

Lips or Eyes: Treating untapped areas of the face with specialized roller flex technology to gently exfoliate and brighten these delicate areas.

Lymphatic therapy: Optimize skin health by encouraging detoxification through mechanical lymphatic therapy. Skin will feel healthy and radiant

Dermalux LED: a truly pioneering LED Phototherapy, using Flex MD and its Tri-Wave MD technology. Through the use of different wavelengths, it can rejuvenate cells, treat signs of ageing and acne, and improve overall skin health, as well as relieve muscular and joint pain.


Rejuvenate, Curated Advanced Treatments

AMAN ADVANCED FACIAL - 1 hour or 1 hour 30 minutes with LED and Lifting Scalp Massage

Aman newest skincare line is infused with Rice Bran Extract and Indigo Extract. Both powerful herbal extracts from Japan will help to achieve a noticeably lifted, radiant, healthy glowing skin. This results driven facial starts with an ultrasonic scrubbing device which help loosen and remove oil, dirt and cellular debris from pores. Supported by the use of EMS, cryo bulbs and manual lifting techniques, the muscles are stimulated to promote firmness and suppleness. The application of a mineral mask supplies concentred marine minerals into the skin to deeply hydrate, which is then succeeded by Amanx111 Nourishing Gold Algae hydrogel face and eye to brighten skin’s complexion. Our 90 minute’s version includes 15 minute medical grade LED lamp followed by a 15 minute lifting scalp massage.

QMS Medicosmetics

Aman Spa at The Connaught has launched three exclusive new treatments with QMS Medicosmetics. Founded 30 years ago in Germany, by aesthetic and cosmetic surgeon Dr. med. Erich Schulte, the brand’s roots are in the means of improving post-surgery scar healing. From here grew the idea that skin elasticity and appearance could be improved for everyone using collagen and hyaluronic acid in the right quantities. Turning to science to look for a suitable technique to boost skin regeneration, a highly effective collagen complex was born. It became the foundation of QMS Medicosmetics and is still regarded as one of the most iconic innovations in the beauty sector.


Harnessing the power of AHAs, The Collagen Journey begins with a full body and face exfoliation to unveil soft and radiant skin. Renourishment is provided with the application of a firming collagen body cream and oil selection from: Hydrating & Relaxing, Energising & Refreshing, Shaping & Warming. The facial treatment will continue with the use of two masks, a rejuvenating face massage and layers of collagen rich ingredients, tailored to your skin concerns.


The Collagen Facial combines results-driven ingredients and sculpting massage techniques to promote firmer skin, diminish fine lines, and restore radiance. From the help of collagen, stem cells and stimulating peptides, your skin health is rapidly boosted.

RED CARPET FACIAL– 1 hour 15 minutes

The optimum treatment combination for Red-carpet ready skin. After a double cleanse and gentle liquid exfoliants to uncover fresh layers of skin, your therapist will apply a thermal-active revitalising mask, which brings an instant glow with the help of microcirculation. A lifting massage contours your cheeks and jawline, whilst vitamins A, C and E provide vital antioxidant benefits, protection, and skin regeneration.

Find balance and reawaken your skin’s natural radiance. These rejuvenating holistic treatments are the essence of Decorté, combining their own unique massage techniques including myofascial release and lympatic drainage with their transformative and innovative skincare products. Each of these experiences uses the pinnacle of Decorté’s range – AQ Meliority – and combines dermatological research, rare ingredients, beautiful textures and soothing fragrance, to visibly revive tired, stressed or damaged skin. The star ingredient is Benifuki Extract from Yakushima island, a UNESCO World Heritage site where the organic hybrid green tea is picked by hand and carefully stored before processing. It is cultivated on rich fertile soil and nourished by the many waterfalls on the island that are rich in negative ions. Benifuki Extract improves structural stability in the skin cells Growth Factor storage, leaving skin more receptive to skin regeneration signals.

DECORTÉ AQ Meliority Brightening & Firming Facial - 1 hour

Reawaken your skin’s natural glow with this richly moisturising treatment, using the jewel in Decorté’s crown: the luxurious AQ Meliority range. Featuring a sublime facial treatment with face, neck, décolleté, hand and scalp massage, this treatment will leave you looking (and feeling) luminous, rejuvenated and revitalised.

DECORTÉ AQ Meliority Advanced Firming & Lifting Facial - 1 hour 30 minutes

Savour the finer things: a facial treatment combined with a dreamy back and shoulder massage – all featuring the pinnacle of Decorté’s craft: AQ Meliority. The deeply relaxing back massage warms the body and improves flexibility, while the rejuvenating facial leaves skin revitalised, bright, firm and lifted.



Following a consultation to get deep underneath your skin’s wants and needs, our Aman Spa therapists will curate a customised treatment using one of a trio of plant-based skincare lines:

  • Jet Lag / Frequent Traveller: A dedicated skin care line for frequent travellers to support hydration and skin sensitivity. 35 Thousand’s active deeply hydrates and revitalises the skin and is ideal for pre or post
    travel. This treatment ends with an uplifting technique using the ancient wisdom of marma point therapy.
  • Hydrating/Anti-ageing: Soothing, rhythmic movements enliven this holistic tailor-made facial to balance, hydrate and rejuvenate the skin whilst a unique blend of plant essences deeply cleanse and
    nourish. Your therapist will carefully select techniques and natural, Certified-Organic products from Pinks Boutique.
  • Men’s Essentials: A deep cleansing facial using Proverb’s skincare line combined with entire upper muscular revival, targeting tension in the neck, traps, pecs. Boost blood flow and increase range of movement in the facial and upper body muscle groups while you restore and fortify your skin.

Destress & Reset


This facial incorporates rose quartz crystals to promote healing, frankincense to aid rejuvenation, and hyaluronic acid to boost hydration. Lymphatic and muscular massage techniques stimulate circulation and raise vibrational energy, while acupressure using heated Himalayan salt poultices leaves skin radiant. The treatment ends with a Peruvian black mud and amethyst crystal mask and Tibetan head massage.

Detox & Cleanse


This tension-releasing treatment is extremely beneficial for those exposed to urban pollution, combining nerve point therapy and lymphatic drainage to provide a detoxifying release. Lymphatic massage stimulates the glands on the chest, neck and face, resulting in glowing, toned skin, while key ingredients include brightening pearl, regenerative homeopathic copper, and powerful marine extracts that strengthen collagen production.

Regenerate Body & Soul


This brightening, moisturizing treatment calms and rejuvenates through the use of honey, rosehip, wheat germ, cactus oil, jasmine stem cells and silk. Combined, they work to soothe and brighten dull or irritated skin. This facial also invites relaxation by stimulating the flow of prana – described as the universal life force that enters the body via easy breathing. Skin is left looking truly radiant through the application of the Light Technique, focusing on the forehead, septum and throat.

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