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Integrative breathwork

Integrative breathwork combines CBT, Mindfulness and Pranayama, to safely change patterns of self-limitation reducing anxiety and tensions under the guidance of our expert.

While each person’s process is unique, in this state psychological and spiritual insights are gained allowing for the integration of memories and emotions in a manner beyond talk therapy and rationalisation. The therapy allows the wisdom of the body to bring what is unhealed in us to our attention.

Integrative breathwork is a way to purify cellular memories promoting profound effects on our state of being.

One to one expert session - 60 min £190 / 90 min £250

Animal yoga

Animals can teach us a lot about movements, they adapt and adjust to survive in their environment. This workout is designed to get back in touch with our natural movements and being connected with our animal instincts.

One to one expert session - 60 min £190 / 90 min £250

Face yoga

An anti-ageing workout designed to tone, lift, firm and reduce wrinkles using various movements to activate and target the 57 muscles of the face.

One to one expert session - 
60 min £190 / 90 min £250

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Daniela Da Silva, our in-house expert

Daniela Da Silva, our in-house expert

Daniela has led several yoga retreats globally and her teachings are focused on spirituality. She decided to further explore the connection between mind and body and has undertaken an advanced course in CBT and Counselling. We have partnered with her to develop and offer an exclusive and signature Holistic Fitness Menu.

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