Recovery, Post-Workout & Pregnancy Support

Full Body Recovery - 1 hour or 1 hour 30 minutes

A personalised full body stretch, re-conditioning massage, manipulation and alignment to improve wellbeing and stress. This treatment can be tailored made to focus on the upper body and/ or lower body and is using PROVERB Skincare. This holistic experience maximises athletic performance and promotes post-fitness recovery: improving range of movement, stretching, injury prevention and recovery.

Sports Massage - 1 hour or 1 hour 30 minutes 

Using a range of deep muscular techniques, your Sports Massage therapist will help to mobilise soft tissues, relieve muscle tension and break down fibrous adhesions. Sports Massage is highly recommended for those with active lifestyles to enhance athletic performance, prevent injury and promote recovery from intense exercise. Your initial appointment will include 15 minutes complimentary consultation, which includes postural assessment and treatment plan.

Pregnancy Support

Aman’s pregnancy spa treatments are designed for women that are 12 weeks pregnant or more. Specially formulated treatments using plant-based, organic products help keep rapidly stretching skin supple and nourished, maintaining tone and elasticity. They’re also deeply restorative and relaxing – an indulgent experience entirely focused on you at this special time in life.

Nurture Experience - 2 hours

Every pregnancy is different, and so this nourishing experience is designed around each woman’s personal needs. Our Aman Spa therapists begin with a calming foot soak before a gently invigorating body exfoliation, carefully positioned massage and refreshing facial boost.

Mother To Be Massage - 1 hour

Melt away fatigue with this supporting massage, designed for specific areas such as aching backs and heavy legs.

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