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The miracle of carrying new life is an experience to celebrate. To support mothers-to-be through this incredible time, we’ve created pampering pregnancy spa treatments shaped around your unique needs.

Mothers-to-be experience rapid changes to their bodies. Seeing a therapist during your pregnancy and in the months after is a beautiful gift for yourself and the little life you’re nurturing.

Aman’s pregnancy spa treatments are designed for women that are 12 weeks pregnant or more. Specially formulated treatments using plant-based, organic products help keep rapidly stretching skin supple and nourished, maintaining tone and elasticity. They’re also deeply restorative and relaxing – an indulgent experience entirely focused on you at this special time in life.


NURTURE - 1 hour 30 min

This relaxing treatment is tailored specifically to your body’s needs during pregnancy. Starting with a soothing foot soak, this treatment includes a gentle body exfoliation and a relaxing massage, followed by a refreshing facial boost.

Mother to Be - 60 min

Melt away fatigue with this supporting massage, designed for specific areas such as aching backs and heavy legs.


In addition to your mother-to-be treatment, we offer tailored beauty treatments anticipating delivery. These include facials, manicures and pedicures (especially when it gets hard to reach!) and intimate hair removal.

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