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Brochan Watts

A lifelong athlete and 13-year triathlete, Brochan Watts understands the importance of a holistic approach to training. With a special emphasis on nutritional and physiological education, Brochan pioneers a six-pillar philosophy that encourages clients to achieve their full potential through mind and body.

Akcelina Cvijetic

From nutrition and lifestyle optimisation to neuro-linguistic programming, Akcelina Cvijetic uses award-winning expertise to enhance the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing of clients. An acclaimed international wellness expert, Akcelina is also a performance coach, keynote speaker and spiritual teacher.

John Loftus

With over 30 years of clinical experience, John specialises in correcting and stabilising musculoskeletal issues through gentle mobilisation and cranial sacral therapy. John mastered his expertise while training as a classical osteopath and naturopath, and completed post-graduate training in Cranial Osteopathy.

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Anna Kiff

A practising acupuncturist for more than twenty years, Anna Kiff is passionate about the transformative power of acupuncture in improving client health. Anna trained as an acupuncturist at the London School of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine, with clinical experience in a hospital in Kunming, China.

Bernice Robinson

Bernice Robinson is a member of the UK Reiki Federation, trained in the traditional Usui method of Reiki: A gentle yet powerful method of healing, Reiki is a spiritual energy practice that works on a physical, mental and emotional level. Each treatment is tailored to the client’s individual needs.

Daniela Da Silva

In partnership with Daniela Da Silva – a yoga and breathwork teacher with an academic background in psychology – Aman Spa offers clients an exclusive and signature Holistic Fitness Menu. Integrative breathwork combines cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), mindfulness and pranayama to safely change patterns of self-limitation, reducing anxiety and tension.

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