Connaught Bar Gin

A timeless classic - with a twist 

The Connaught Bar Gin is more than simply a drink. This fresh take on time-honoured London gin techniques is infused with the spirit of Mayfair – and represents the visionary creativity and craftsmanship of our renowned mixologist, Agostino Perrone.

Made to mark our tenth anniversary, each bottle bears all the hallmarks of the Connaught Bar’s imaginative, adventurous spirit. It has taken us from Italy’s Amalfi Coast to the heady spice souqs of Marrakech – and back in time to explore London’s longstanding gin heritage.

This original, artisan spirit hits all the right notes for satisfying complexity, and a mouth-filling mellowness.

Agostino Perrone, Director of Mixology

Drawing on Agostino’s award-winning talents – and inspiring travels – the Connaught Bar Gin began to take shape. While an established gin recipe and classic botanicals lay at the heart of this spirit, this was to be something fresh and unique. Smooth notes came from hand-rolled juniper berries, married with a woody hint of mace discovered by Agostino in Morocco.

At the very end, we introduced fresh Amalfi lemon peel, rather than dried, to capture the sweet vibrancy of the essential oils – with a citrus garnish as a final flourish. Fine Bordeaux from our own wine cellar lent the second distillation the flavour of silky red fruits to balance the crisp citrus and mineral tones. This all came together in contemporary glass stills, allowing the distinctive blend of botanicals to truly sing.

Now ready to enjoy, we have hand-labelled each bottle with a unique edition number. Individual in every sense, it celebrates how every element of this bespoke gin has been crafted here, at the heart of The Connaught.

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For true connoisseurs, a limited number of bottles are now available to purchase online.


You can also purchase your Connaught Bar Gin bottle directly from the Connaught Bar.

Our botanicals

The base botanicals are drawn from the classics: hand-crushed juniper berries, coriander seeds, liquorice, angelica root and orris root. Then we introduce a complementary hint of aromatic mace. Two distinctive botanicals distinguish our gin: Amalfi lemons and red wine. 

How to serve

How to serve

While the smoothness makes our gin excellent for sipping, it is best enjoyed as a double measure with a good tonic – or mixed as a martini.

Gin & Tonic

  • 50ml Connaught Bar Gin
  • 200ml Tonic water
  • 2 Red grapes

Pour the gin and tonic water over a large chunk of ice into a highball glass. Add the red grapes into the glass for a final flourish.


  • 50ml Connaught Bar Gin
  • 10ml Dry vermouth
  • 1 Amalfi lemon

Combine the gin and vermouth with a chunk of ice and stir. Strain into a chilled martini glass and finish with a little oil from the Amalfi lemon peel.

London to Venice

London to Venice is an iconic journey – a route of glamour and intrigue, immortalised by the Orient Express. Inspired by this pan-European adventure, our master mixologist Agostino Perrone has recreated the journey in a glass.


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