Introducing Chocolaterie de L’Opera

We’ve been working with Avignon-based chocolate producers, Chocolaterie de l’Opéra, since 1997. Lead by father and son, Olivier and Nicolas de Loisy, the company has pioneered the sourcing of rare cocoa beans and developing them into unique, single-origin chocolate couvertures.

Like Hélène, Olivier and Nicolas’s passion for their craft is in their blood. Nicolas represents the fourth generation of chocolate producers in the family, with the company’s origins stretching back to 1936.

Digging for chocolate

Like all our suppliers, Chocolaterie de l’Opéra are true craftspeople who seek the very best from their product. Their search for the finest, rarest cocoa beans takes them beyond the large-scale farms of West Africa to artisan plantations in the ‘cocoa belt’ countries of South and Central America, Madagascar and the Caribbean.

There, they work with talented planters to source exceptional crops of cocoa beans that will go into creating intensely aromatic couverture chocolate. Couverture contains a high proportion of cocoa butter, and captures more of the cocoa bean’s distinctive tastes and aromas.

Generations of innovation

From pioneering couverture chocolate in the 1970s to developing a unique roasting process to bring out the individual character of different bean varieties, the de Roisy family have never stopped reaching for chocolate excellence.
We’re delighted to be able to share the fruits of their labour with our guests, through recipes that put fine ingredients in the spotlight. One of these is a dessert which uses Chocolaterie de L’ Opéra’s favourite chocolate: Vibrato 70%. Created from cocoa beans sourced from Madagascar and Guatemala, Vibrato is an inspiring example of how deliciously complex chocolate can be.

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